Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend 2011

It’s a breezy and clear day here today and really not too much going on…a great day to relax. I was going over the blog and looking at what had been written this time last year…and then Jake bought me back to reality by asking for his allowance! Some things never change!

Over a year ago I was diagnosed with debilitating heart and kidney issues that in essence put a stop to any long term planning and became a catalyst for introspection, writing and ultimately reflection. As they say in the literary world…what a difference a year makes.

From one year ago today…

One great thing about Memorial Day is the fact that all the great military movies are run pretty much all weekend. I sat home yesterday for a bit as I watched “Where Eagles Dare” and “Heartbreak Ridge” … yes I know…maybe not on par with “Midway” and the “Big Red One” but entertaining none the less! If you have never watched the movie “Where Eagles Dare” then you owe yourself a two hour break…Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood are both charismatic and believable in this epic WWII picture…and no Memorial Day would be complete without viewing “The Devils Brigade”…another classic WWII movie and well worth the watch!

The boys each have Memorial Day plans that will have then out on boats and doing summer time activities that they enjoy. It’s refreshing to see them grow and mature as they have...fine young men. They have done well and continue to impress.

This is going to be short as we have much writing to do over the coming weeks in order to bring the next book to fruition. Till then enjoy the holiday