Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mirror...Mirror...On the Wall…

The past few days have been filled with excitement and loads of work. Deploying over 8000 miles self sufficiently or in my case “on my own” has been nothing short of painful. There are missed flights; customs inspections; changed flights and the ubiquitous lost piece of critical luggage has punctuated the last 48 hours as we get ready to enter back into the jungle. I remember when $1000.00 dollars seemed like such a large sum of money and now we spend that on excess baggage fees and taxi cabs to take us to the hotel here in Asia for our last bit of R&R before the long trip into the jungle. It's the type of overland movement that makes you ask your self..."why"

I spoke to several folks over the weekend…all of whom have asked “why” do I continue to do this. It is not an easy task nor is it without inherent danger but it does allow me to make a difference in areas that few would ever tread. I use to look in the mirror as many of you do and ask the simple question…”have I done anything today that will make a difference in the world for those in need?”  With the advent of the activities over the past year I can answer succinctly…Yes!
What I am referencing has nothing to do with being a good parent or good to your fellow employees…these are inherently simple yet mandatory tasks that we do because we care about those around us.  What I am talking about is stepping out of your comfort zone and doing the difficult things because those are the ones that make a difference…helping those that can’t help themselves. When I look in the mirror especially over the next few months I know that organizationally as well as personally… we have done well.

More to follow on the Anti-trafficking campaign we are now on! 

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Watch your six…praise the Lord…and pass the ammo!

Been one hell of a month…long hours and even longer travel…but here I am. I received a letter yesterday about introspection, love and God. It was heartfelt and very emotional …I wish I was able to write like that. It spoke of forgiveness and the acceptance of who we are and where in life we need to be…and how important ones faith is in everything we do.
I am with the boys and back from overseas for a few days. Buying school clothes, fixing "new" cars and getting ready to leave again all punctuated the day for us. Jake will be heading off to sophomore year in college and is quite excited. He sent me an email yesterday that was pricelessless..."Dad...seems I spent all my school money on summer vacation...can you help?" He knows I will because that is what a father does for his son! Ian is 6 feet tall and a runner. ..a rock solid long distance runner! Unlike Jake he is adroit at saving money in the hopes of purchasing a VW "hippie" van...not sure where he got that from? I look at them both and am captivated at what they have done and more importantly what they will do.  I previously had written that when I am away I miss them…and now while I am with them…I realize that even more. Some contract meetings here on Monday and Tuesday and then back to the grind…more travel and long hours…and then back into the jungle…but with a renewed faith…and a sense of purpose…not only in myself…but in the boys as well…for no matter the distance they will always be with me…as demonstrated today…and we will always have faith…in each other…and our Father!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A dangerous time to be an American

No doubt many of you woke over the past several days to hear about the loss of life aboard the helicopter bought down by militants in Afghanistan. Onboard were 30 personnel; 17 of which were from the Navy SEALS. A sad day for the SEAL community, United States Special Operations and the services in totality. What you may not have read was yesterday another American was taken hostage in Pakistan and no doubt will be held for ransom in a cruel game initiated by Al Quaida to garner funding for there war. It's a sad way to fight but when you are fighting a losing will do anything necessary to maintain momentum...including taking a 65 year old aid worker who was doing nothing more than trying to make a difference for those that have nothing. These people who have initiated this action are cowards...and should be eliminated post haste! 
My heart goes out to the families of the fallen this past week...but lost in this carnage is another American who by virtue of nationality has also become a victim. Only time will tell. You can read the story here:

More to follow...from the coast..and the jungle!