Saturday, August 13, 2011

A dangerous time to be an American

No doubt many of you woke over the past several days to hear about the loss of life aboard the helicopter bought down by militants in Afghanistan. Onboard were 30 personnel; 17 of which were from the Navy SEALS. A sad day for the SEAL community, United States Special Operations and the services in totality. What you may not have read was yesterday another American was taken hostage in Pakistan and no doubt will be held for ransom in a cruel game initiated by Al Quaida to garner funding for there war. It's a sad way to fight but when you are fighting a losing will do anything necessary to maintain momentum...including taking a 65 year old aid worker who was doing nothing more than trying to make a difference for those that have nothing. These people who have initiated this action are cowards...and should be eliminated post haste! 
My heart goes out to the families of the fallen this past week...but lost in this carnage is another American who by virtue of nationality has also become a victim. Only time will tell. You can read the story here:

More to follow...from the coast..and the jungle!


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