Monday, July 11, 2011

White Picket Fences

Good Morning - please take a read as I have been putting pen to paper in my down time. Many thoughts and just not enough time to capture them all. I hope you enjoy!



White Picket Fences
When I stop and turn around
It is…all that I see
Past the house…into our life
I know…you are for me
You asked so many months ago
“A white picket fence…is all I need”
But as the path of life goes on
Our worries…start to bleed
Yet the fence you’ve always wanted
Lies right before our eyes
But nothing really matters now
If neither…sees that prize

And when you walk through the gate
For this time…just once more
Never knowing… really meant
Till then…you closed the door
The fence it lies…just ahead
Without pain, loss...or strife
For when you walk along that path
Again…you are my wife
People often question
What we’ve always known is right
But when we see that fence again
Our day...becomes our night
And when I hold you close
In time…we shall embrace
I look…into your eyes
And that smile…upon your face

That fence…it means so much
But others…will never know
Just what those white pickets meant
And what our love...would show
That on that very day
When love ...was meant to be
That picket fence...does call out
Not just for you…but me
Now I see the world so close
It beckons…as like before
When we left…and then came back
Our love…is what we swore
Just like the fence goes on
Our life...will always be
No matter person, time or place
Beside you…eternally
July 2011


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