Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Setting Sun...A Memorial Day Discussion

From June 2010 in Washington DC...a Poem...titled "The Setting Sun" from the upcoming Mill City Press Release by Brian Hayes

It's June 1, 2010 here in Washington, DC and it was an in incredible last couple of days. I was able to travel to Ferrum College with Jake and Ian over this long weekend to participate in freshman orientation. Jake is a lucky guy given all that this college has to offer. I was actually reflecting back on my college days with both boys on the nearly 4.5 hour ride out to the campus…which I might add is in the middle of “nowhere” – I never had an orientation nor did I travel 4.5 hours to get to school! It was the Blue Line to Government Center in Boston and then about a quarter mile walk to the fabled Suffolk University on Beacon Hill...but I digress.

Being that far off the beaten path is going to be a bonus for Jake…and he knows it. The school prides itself on its academic and athletic achievements and that attitude permeates through the faculty directly to the students. It was interesting watching all the lacrosse players that Jake has played against here in Northern Virginia recognize each other as well as recognize the fact that they will all be on the same team here come August. I took solace in the campus police presentation which denounced alcohol, drugs, pre-marital sex and just about any other activity that could get a student into trouble!

As you know it was also Memorial Day weekend…and a time for reflection…I received many emails and calls from friends and service members with well wishes and war tales from “down range” ... Memorial Day affords us the opportunity to look back at the sacrifices made not only during our lifetime but from the standpoint of the generations that have fought and died since the inception of our Nation. A few tears were shed as I personally remembered some of the fine men that I had the great pleasure of serving with who are no longer with us.

One great thing about Memorial Day is the fact that all the great military movies are run pretty much all weekend. I sat home yesterday for a bit as I watched “Where Eagles Dare” and “Heartbreak Ridge” … yes I know…maybe not on par with “Midway” and the “Big Red One” but entertaining none the less! If you have never watched the movie “Where Eagles Dare” then you owe yourself a two hour break…Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood are both charismatic and believable in this epic WWII picture…and no Memorial Day would be complete without viewing “The Devils Brigade”…another classic WWII movie and well worth the watch!

The below poem is entitled The Setting Sun…I penned this several years back but just finished its review this morning. I hope you like it!


The Setting Sun

I wake every morning
To the sun…fresh on my face
I gaze…deep at your picture
And feel its warmth and grace

I wonder where you are
Where you go…and what you think
I miss the touch…of your hand
And in the moment…I start to shrink

I miss your love…but most of all
I ache…for your embrace
To hold you close…don’t let go
Please take me from this place

You are the one…that I love
To no other…I would be true
From that moment…our eyes met
I hoped…it would be you

For we will be together
No one takes that away
We walk the earth side by side
For with you…I must stay

Forever…to you true
Is what I promise thee
As we move…on through life
For all the world to see

I can’t imagine looking
On the sun…setting low
Without your love to guide me
And my love…to bestow

Upon you everyday
As we spend our life as one
To love, honor and cherish
As we watch...the setting sun

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  1. Your poetry is very poignant. Often my student's prose is derived from personal experiences, as I am sure yours are as well.
    Continue the love of writing. Good luck with your future endeavors.