Thursday, June 24, 2010

What happens at the Pool...stays in the Pool

What a Day….!

So as many of you know Thursday is usually the day I head in and get my vitals taken and talk with the Doctor about various issues and complications associated with my condition. I was able to meet with a great friend this AM and talk about some of the poetry I have written as well as talk about the future…I called and asked the Doctor to reschedule based on this meeting she agreed…so we are on for Friday morning.

Now it’s approaching 100 degrees here in DC and suffice to say…it’s a hot day. I figured I would go to the pool…makes sense right…but for the last two days some little kid decided that the pool is the perfect place to PUKE…yes I said puke! Come to find out this is the second day in a row...same kid…same pool!

Now I don’t blame the kid…far from it…his Mom though…she needs to know that at 100 plus degrees little Johnnie is NOT going to last long eating Twinkies and Pizza without “tossing his lunch” into the pool all the while sitting in the sun. Which leads me to the second part of the story...

Now you might think this is bad but one of America’s finest 16 year old lifeguard who was sitting at the desk telling me this story goes on to state ...”but you can still go sit in the sun” - I maintained my composure and thought to myself….yes I came to the pool to sit in the sun on a hot summers day…you idiot…what a window licker!

I should have called the kids and come by with the “Sock-em Boppers” and teach this would be “rocket scientist” a lesson...but I did not!

I digress…

All is not lost…I just finished watching a great show on NHL Television…it was called “A Ref’s Life” and it follows both AHL and NHL officials across the country as they prepare for and ultimately officiate crucial games in these hockey leagues. Fantastic cinematography coupled with some of the greatest officials who have ever laced up the skate makes for a great show.

Enjoy the day…can’t wait to see what the kid does over the weekend at the pool….use your imagination!


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