Friday, June 25, 2010

What I Wouldn’t Give…For a Donut!

Its past midnight and I have a hankering for a donut…and not just any donut…it has to be a Dunkin Donut!
The problem in this area is that you can’t go out at midnight and get a donut…Dunkin Donuts is not open 24 hours!

What to do?

Say no to Krispy Kreme! Way too sweet…just not a good taste…especially at midnight!

No to Denny’s! They don’t do donuts and to be honest…I just hate that place after finding hair on the plate during my last trip to the one in Alexandria

No to IHOP! Again…they don’t do donuts!

I would really just like a donut!

As of a couple of months ago we use to head out and get the kids donuts on the weekend…it was amazing to watch them all devour 12 donuts within minutes of walking in. I left the kitchen on one such weekend…I was gone for less then 2 minutes and when I returned…they were all gone…including my selections. The kids all looked and said...”you snooze; you loose”

I grew up on donuts…they were a mainstay in the morning…Mister Donuts still resonates so clearly with me…but it does not help me tonight! Somewhere in the world there is a 24 hour Dunkin Donuts calling my name…but alas…not here in Northern Virginia.
Perhaps I should just open one!

Good Night!

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