Thursday, June 3, 2010

Some Final Thoughts...and another work of Poetry

From May 2010 in Washington DC...a Poem...titled "To Love Her” from the upcoming Mill City Press Release by Brian Hayes

It’s 3 June 2010 and I am on my way to the hospital. It’s a scheduled visit but one that I am in desperate need of. The medication I have been taking has been causing an inordinate amount of heart palpitations; some of them quite strong. Although I have been having these previously the last several days have been an eye opener. My hope is that it is merely a complication which stems from the new ACE inhibitor…we shall see.

I have Jake’s All-Star Game later this afternoon and am very much looking forward to that. This will be his last “formal” game prior to his graduation. I am sure Ian and I will be seeking shelter from forecasted rain showers while sitting in the stands!

This will be one of the last poems from my collection penned in 2009-2010; I have been “arguing” with the publisher several times a day on how many poems will actually be in the book…they want more however 25 seems like a good number based on other publications…again…we shall see.

The inspiration for this piece was quite simple…a loss.

Many times in our life we meet people who we feel…may be the one…and then we sit back and continually question how the decisions we have made previously will impact the future…and what we need to do to change…for it’s the change that will make the difference...and hopefully dampen the loss.



To Love Her

To love her so
I have to be
Not what I was
But what she’ll see

When I return
And daylight leaves
She’ll see the man
Who truly believes

That life is full
Of so much more
As love embraces
Just as before

When time stood still
And we were one
My lover and I
We had begun

To make our life
And so much more
A love so strong
We couldn’t ignore

Just what it meant
And how we felt
You made me laugh
And made me melt

I felt just like
I needed to be
With you forever
As time will see

To love her so
I must be
What I’ve become
What she will see

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