Wednesday, June 16, 2010

PTSD...and Poetry...the Nexus.......

Its 16 June 2010 here in Washington DC and I am finishing some re-writes today as well as some dissertation work. The reality of this is it looks like another couple of weeks of writing before I can re-submit the abstract to my dissertation. That said there is a lot of good research currently being executed by the armed services in regards to PTSD studies.

There was an interesting article in the Psychology Today Blog back in December, 2009. The article(s) exemplified the manner in which many in the military looked at PTSD…”be a man and get through it” … in the end that is NOT the approach to deal specifically with PTSD…quite the opposite. I will attach the link so that you can read through the article and link to the Boston globe article as well.

The below listed piece of poem is for a second work that I am currently penning…the difference from my first work and this new initiative is that these poems are set in contemporary America and are not rooted in service to country but in thought of day to day essence the thoughts of the day and what a man thinks of as the hours tick by. More to follow!

Enjoy the day!


What it meant to Love you…

Your gentle touch and warm embrace

Carried me on high

You kept my heart within your soul

I knew…I wouldn’t die

And when I wake to feel your breath

Upon my face…so near

I’ll pull you close and ask the Lord

Let our life be free of fear

Of living without each other

In a world…so full of pain

You given me a purpose

And for that…I shall remain

Always true to your heart

Forever…I promise thee

To hold your hand…and keep you close

For this…I do decree

That when I said that I loved you

I meant that…and so much more

You are the life given to me

For then…just as before

You will be my sunshine

My life…and all that’s true

Whatever the amount of time I have

I give it all…to you

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