Saturday, June 26, 2010

24 Hours and then some….

Well I went on a diatribe last night about NOT being able to get a Dunkin Donut at midnight…suffice to say I have NOT recovered…there is much happening in DC and yes...people are talking about the new show...Housewives of DC...but I could care less...its well after midnight and I still can't get a good donut...I have not reached the point where I am considering moving BUT I am still taken back at everything else that is open 24 hours in this area EXCEPT the donut shop;

Toys-R-Us is open 24 hours – the kids all use to go late at night…why??? I have no idea BUT my point is that they are open 24 hours…who finds the need to shop for toys at 2AM?

Most of the gas stations in Northern Virginia are open 24 hours…I get that one!

Taco Bell, McDonalds and Wendy’s are all open 24 hours…however the thought of eating a Double Quarter Pounder with cheese just kills me at 3AM

I remember Black Friday 2009 when the kids wanted to go to Toys-R-Us at midnight…of course we were skeptical…however they went…free gifts will entice young people to do stupid things that educated (albeit tired) adults would never do…like walking to Toys-R-Us at midnight. When they came back…still…no donuts!

But I digress…right now Diners, Drive-ins and Dives is on the Food Network…a great show but again…no donuts!

I will be up early…thanks in part to the modern medications I am taking…I plan on asking the GM at each Dunkin Donuts about going 24/7…I feel I may run into problems as the Dunkin Donuts over by the mall is run by the Chinese who have NEVER gotten my order right and BARELY speak English…however they do smile a lot…and the folks at Rte 1 Dunkin Donuts are from Pakistan and they…well…they don’t speak English AT ALL.

When the time is right I will send the kids back to Toys-R-Us…it will be good practice for all of them running the night shift at my own Dunkin Donuts! I think it is the only way to rectify this situation!

Enjoy...and Good Night!


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