Sunday, June 20, 2010

You Can’t Pay for This Entertainment….!

The graduation ceremony for my eldest was an incredible event and well done by the Colonial Forge Staff…top notch. We were able to secure seats in the shade and had a very good morning…when Jake went back in I received a phone call from him…and he needed to see me quickly…I ran to the entrance where we met up…”Dad I need 40 dollars or they wont let me graduate…I lost a text book” - 40 bucks later...Jake is officialy DONE with High School!

After securing the diploma we went back to the house…the kids had a party and with my Dad, my brother Kevin and his son Logan in tow... we enjoyed the HOT summer day. Very good food and good company…thanks to Tim for some amazing barbecue and catfish…some of the best I have ever had.

We were on our way out when the call came in…”man down…man down” – I ran out to the jousting pit to see Ian writhing in pain…his head was being held by an EMT who was at the party...phones were out and 911 was notified...8 minutes later the ambulance and firetruck arrived…a trip to Stafford Hospital…X-Ray’s and several specialists…an MRI revealed no major damage…he has suffered a severe case of whiplash and is on some heavy duty medication…groggy is an understatement! Three hours later...back home and moving slowly...he was trying to get comfortable.

We thought Jake would be the first to break in the new Stafford County Hospital…but Ian won that lottery. He will be fine…it will take time and he will be sore…but he can look back and learn from the experience.

The boys are on vacation…looking forward to a summer free of this kind of entertainment…we shall see!

Have a great week!


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