Friday, June 4, 2010

Cover Art...and working with publishers!

4 June 2010

Originally penned in 2006 and finished in May 2010 in Washington DC...a Poem...titled "Our Pain” from the upcoming Mill City Press Release by Brian Hayes

Good Morning – I just found out the Ice Road Truckers is back this weekend…great show on the History Channel!

I spent a portion of the morning working with the publisher on several pieces for the upcoming book. Not many more changes…but that is what they said last week! Each day a poem (or two) comes back with changes from the Mill City Publishing and each day I resubmit…it’s a painful process!

A good friend sent me some suggestions for cover art that I had not previously thought about. I shared with her the attached silhouette of my time on operations overseas…now looking to utilize this picture as the cover art for the book…still working on colors but suffice to say I am very excited about the preliminary results. Thanks Karen!

Enjoy the weekend…looks like it should be great weather!


Our Pain

In my life
I have known
A pain that was so deep

It stole my heart
And crushed my love
For now…I never sleep

Throughout our life
We’ve come to know
Many places, thoughts and things

But in this life
What matters most
Is the love…a loved one brings

She put her heart
Out on her sleeve
No questions ever asked

In her place
I stole that love
And in its warmth…I basked

I gave her not sincerity
What did I do…?

I stole her love
And then she asked
“For what am I…to you?”

To let her know
She means the world
Forever and a day

My heart is broken
Yet…deep inside
I find the courage to say

You mean the world
And all it takes
Forever…no one like you

I have seen the past
And the present
And in the end…I knew

The pain I hide
Deep within…
It echo’s everyday

You are the love
Of my life
Forever…I do and say

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