Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gearing Up...and Moving Out!

Another hot day here in the Washington, DC area; great weather! Just one more weekend before the summer ends and the all the kids will be back in school…if you’re a parent then you are counting the days…or maybe the hours before it all happens!

I received numerous inquires over the past week regarding the new direction for Life On Point Consultants (LOPC) and what we were working on. Suffice to say that our latest efforts will take us to a region where I personally have not operated in but have a wide familiarity with. LOPC is also working on initiatives within Mexico and the Horn of Africa for both private and federal entities as we move from 2010 to 2011.

If it seems like I am being vague…well I am…but that is only to protect both ongoing operations as well as to ensure that our future initiatives are not compromised in any way. In close discussions with the LOPC Chief Operating Officer (COO) and supported elements across the globe we will expand what we currently provide to our customers in the way of Strategic Leadership, Program Management Support and Critical Infrastructure Protection.

I know…these are all big words and you are still asking…”so what does it mean Brian?” – well let me give you some background on one of the prime areas that LOPC and its staff are now focusing on…the Union of Myanmar…or as many know it…the country of Burma.

Before I get to the background on this country and specifically what the Life On Point Consultants Team is working on I want to focus your attention to attached picture on the left; it is from a village in Burma close to the border with Thailand. Suffice to say it is reflective of what is happening to ethnic minorities in the enclave; men who defy joining the military are bound, gagged and then shot. This activity is happening everyday in Burma; and with increasing frequency. This is what the LOPC Team is working to halt in the is a mission and an ideal that we are behind 100%!


For more than five decades, Burma has been entrenched in political and armed conflict between the repressive ruling military regime, political opponents, and ethnic groups, resulting in the displacement of over 3.5 million Burmese. While many inside the intelligence community as well as LOPC strongly believe only a change in political leadership can address the structural causes of poverty in Burma, few forecast an end to the country’s political stalemate. It is my personal belief that the international community must do more to address the humanitarian needs of Burma’s 55 million people in the absence of political progress.

Although Burma is a resource-rich country with a strong agricultural base, it is one of the poorest countries in the world. According to a published UNICEF report, under-5 child mortality averages 104 per 1,000 children, the second-highest rate outside Africa, after Afghanistan. Burma also has the highest HIV rates in Southeast Asia, and malaria, a treatable and preventable disease, is still the leading cause of mortality and morbidity. Despite this, Burma receives less international assistance at just $4 per person; less than any other of the poorest nations in the world, where the average is $42.30 per person.

Following the disaster caused by Cyclone Nargis in May 2008, international aid entered the country at an unprecedented rate. Because of these increased resources, aid agencies report an unprecedented level of access and mobility. But the gains these agencies have made in delivering relief supplies, gathering information about needs and supporting local communities are at risk without continued international support for food security, livelihood and early recovery activities. Many donors have begun to increase resources for nation-wide operations, but as of yet, the US government lags behind other countries in helping to alleviate poverty in Burma.

The Life On Point Team…Our Efforts in Burma

As previously detailed I will be heading to the region to begin working with the Life On Point Consultants supported contractor and the various humanitarian organizations within Burma in bringing aid, training and support to these impoverished and persecuted peoples. My staff, and especially our COO will keep you all updated while I am away with insights and situational reports (when available) … suffice to say I see this as a serious issue and a threat to freedom abroad.

Regards…and enjoy the rest of the summer!


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