Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Efforts...and New Writings

Good Evening...and welcome to September!

It has been a long and exhausting day – Ian and I just finished viewing the new George Clooney movie titled “The American” – I will keep this yourself a favor and save your money. Clooney is a great actor with some very memorable parts…however this is not one of them. The movie just goes on and on and the plot is wayward at best. If you are a fan of “Euro-trash” movies replete with lackluster performances and way to much skin…then this is the movie for you!

I have my own personal review criteria for a movie…if what I see in the commercial trailers appears in the first 5-7 minutes then I am assured that the movie will be an absolute dud…every single action scene that was shown on the big screen trailers was complete within the first 6 minutes of this cinematic bomb!

Enough said…just don’t waste your money!

My partner and I have been writing and brining the next book to fruition…it is tentatively titled… "They Would Never Understand Why…Until Now"  Suffice to say that it is a story of comparisons between a couple...and how fate, destiny and personal struggles bring certain people together…no matter what level of adversity each has faced.

Talking about and ultimately writing this book has been therapeutic for both of…and allows us to fully comprehend how we have arrived at this point in our lives. I will warn you that it is not like my first literary effort…nor the construct of my pending second book of poetry...quite the opposite…this book and the stories held within chronicle the “reality” of what happened to us as children versus the “perception” that everyone views or remembers. The format is unique as well; it portrays each of us and the stories that defined not only our childhood but lifes events across 40 plus years...told against one another...and the subsequent interplay between it all. A couple of excerpts follow from our initial draft:

“Something told me she was special; that she would understand; that she knew that what had happened in my past bore strong resemblance to her own journey. We stared at each other for a moment…but it was in that moment that I knew that this woman and I were destined to be together…that no matter the circumstances, our lives were bought to this point for a reason…to comfort and provide solace in a world that had already robbed us of the innocence that others were able to enjoy. I could never explain the “how” or “why” we now stood speechless…but I knew in my heart that I had found the one who would finally make me whole.”

“He would make me laugh more than I could ever recall. His rapport with people and his philosophy on life captivated me. As we sat and talked well past the meal, the certainty grew that this individual struck a chord within me that has been discovered by no other. It was not his looks, his charm or wit…to say I felt a connection to him would be a mere understatement…for the first time in my life I wanted to share everything with someone, the good and the bad. I wanted to peel back the layers and let someone see past the self made barriers. I wanted to trust and be trusted. It was exhilarating and terrifying in one long overdue breath.”

We anticipate this project taking another several months but when complete…it will answer a lot of vexing questions…as well as provide insight into the lives of two very fortunate people.

Switching topics...the health situation has not changed...however the time that I have is now given to causes that benefit others…our website will be updated once I hit the ground in Asia and I look forward to getting back and watching the kids participate in their athletic pursuits.

Till then...enjoy the long weekend…as they say on the Cape...Summer is almost “ovah!”


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