Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dispatch III- The Mission Continues

September 19th, 2010- An update from the 
                                       Life on Point Team.
Currently, Brian is deep in the jungle with minimal amount of access to the outside except for satellite phone or short internet bursts depending on the location.

The mission is going well but, I can tell he will be ready to have access to some of the things we take for granted in the United States. While we enjoy a hot shower, they use the cold water of the river to wash off the mud from the 14 hour trek through the jungle. The nice bed we climb into is traded for a hammock and a small covering to protect from insects at night. Their food choices are nothing like ours but, it sustains them.

The team's spirits remain high because they believe in the cause. Like the Burmese children in this picture, they too believe in freedom from oppression and will continue assist them in this pursuit. More updates to follow.

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