Wednesday, June 30, 2010's about time....

Good Morning – after last weeks donut search I decided not to post anything for a few days...several people commented "what happened?" ... well suffice to say the Chinese folks who own the local Dunkin Donuts “know” my name! I think they said "no more donut for you" but I could not be sure!

I got an email from my eldest today and a link to follow to the Freelance Star in Fredericksburg. It was a small blurb but one worth chatting about…Jake’s all-star recognition.

When I say it was a small was…but that is not the point. It was the recognition that comes from a job (or in this case a sport) being well done. To see his name in print and to get that level of recognition means quite a bit. Many times in matter how hard you try you never seem to get the recognition you deserve. I applaud the local news outlet for taking the time to recognize not only my son but all the lacrosse players recognized as all-stars.

My father commented that “it’s about time” when attending Jake’s recent graduation…he thought that graduating in mid June was too late…wait till he finds out that the lacrosse season and school year have been over for almost a month before this recognition hit the papers!

Enjoy the weather wherever the breeze takes you today!


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