Thursday, May 27, 2010

Where Our Love Rests

From May 2010 in Washington DC...a Poem...titled "Where Our Love Rests” from the upcoming Mill City Press Release by Brian Hayes

27 May 2010 – it’s my brother Kevin's birthday today...this will be the last posting this week as I will be traveling with the boys over the next couple of days to visit Jake’s college – it’s a hot and humid day in DC and it is starting to look like summer. I have several medical appointments next week that will preclude me from posting regularly so please be patient. The manuscript for the book is complete and submitted so other then cover art and some internal document changes I hope to have the initial draft back to me within two weeks for final inputs.

Enjoy the weekend


Where Our Love Rests

I long to feel your warm embrace
You’ve come to me with love
And asked to make us one in life
I’ll hold you there….above

No matter for what I do
I keep you held on high
Soon you will be one with me
Like the stars…held in the sky

I look to the heavens and search for help
In keeping you…close to me
And ask that all our dreams come true
For this…I will decree

That I will be forever
The man you…need of me
I will love you for a lifetime
And for all…eternity

For we have been together
And life…has just stood still
Our journey has been a treasure
A lifetime of love…to fill

Deep within our hearts
This love will always be
Together…within each of us
For as long as we can see

For every waking hour
And every passing day
You bought me to a new place
In all…you do and say

Yes..we shall be together
As it has always been
Our lives…are full of love
And our life…lies just within

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