Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Light

From March, 2010 in Washington DC...a Poem...titled "The Light" ... from the upcoming book of poetry by Brian Hayes

The Light

I’ve walked a thousand miles
From coast…to another coast
I’ve searched my whole life over
For the one I thought…I’d love the most

Her eyes were just like diamonds
In a way…like none before
Her looks were of perfection
So hard…to just ignore

She captivated my essence
Always taking my breath away
Of all that is good in man
I wanted her…to stay

I needed her as a partner
A lover…and yes…a friend
But when the darkness fell
It came to be…our end

When the light no longer shines
And my time…has been erased
Just look into her eyes
And see my life…replaced

But I carry thoughts of her in my heart
With me…every day
They provide me strength and inner peace
And for this…I need to say

She will always be a part of me
Today…and forever more…
Our lives were full of emotion
The kind…you can’t ignore

Brian Hayes
March 2010

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