Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Days Ahead

Its 4 May 2010 and I just finished discussions with several friends who are currently serving in Iraq...great guys who will return home to their families soon...they have paid their debt in both time and service...more unsung hero’s in what will be a long war for our country.

My mind is on both Jake and Ian and the days ahead...Jake played great last night but the team did not "synch" and they lost their lacrosse game ...Ian did not play based on being home sick. At the varsity level you can clearly see the disparity of expertise on the field as they attempt to move the ball and score…to be successful in lacrosse…like in life…you need experience…Jake’s team has some players who are very good and some who need more experience…its very frustrating…but at the end of the day it’s the reality of it all.

In contrast…Ian’s team is a bit more balanced…more junior players all developing at the same time…they currently have a better “synch” then Jake’s varsity team and will be quite formidable in the coming years.

Colonial Forge HS Senior's night is this Wednesday…I plan on being there to walk across the field with Jake and his Mom. His last home game…I really am looking forward to that.

I will spend time today finalizing 25 pieces of poetry that I have crafted over the years and then prepare the accompanying text and pictures in preparation for publishing the book. It is exciting for me to see that Jake understands how important this project is for me and what each piece means personally...he and Ian will soon see some of the works that I penned for each of them while overseas...another gift…if you will…to be passed on...from father to son.



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