Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Path Less Traveled

From May 2010 in Washington DC...a Poem...titled "The Path Less Traveled" from the upcoming book of poetry by Brian Hayes

The Path Less Traveled

I take the path less traveled
And wonder every day
Did she ever really love me
At times I often say…

She was my dose of sunshine
My eternal being…true
When she walks the path in front of me
My heart…beats ever true

My life has been defined
By the things I do and say
She complimented this life
Every second…of every day

In the morning sun
When light shines at its most
She warms my inner being
And I ache to hold her close

And when I hold her near
I’ll never let her go
She is the perfect woman
I will always…love her so

I take the path less traveled
In all I do and say
My life is soon complete
In each...and every way

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