Tuesday, May 25, 2010

With You in My Life

It is a grey Tuesday in DC and I am sitting and waiting on a weekly blood draw to ascertain how the new medication is working on my system. Many of you know that I am not a big fan of needles…I hate them...but it is a necessity and one that I can’t be lax upon. If you have been following the BLOG I have digressed for several weeks and concentrated on sports; the boys; poetry and other family matters. I received an email last night simply asking…”how are you?”

I have deflected this question for several weeks as I did not want to answer it. The fact of the matter is I have not gotten any worse however the converse is also true; I have not gotten any better. I received a new dosing and new medications (ACE Inhibitor/Blood Thinner) last week which is supposed to “stall” the heart muscle deterioration. Complications associated with this center on my liver and kidney function…henceforth the blood tests.

So with all of this I am still writing and finishing the manuscript based on publisher inputs for my first book. When that is done and submitted I am considering another book based on the operations we conducted in Central Asia; especially the Voz Island operation I wrote about previously.

One of my favorite poems is attached…it is titled “With You in My Life” and it was crafted back in 2005...and subsequently update last week. Back when it was originally crafted, it reflected the sentiment of many of my guys who were always complaining about not being home with their significant other...some very poigant moments spent disussing and listening about relationships and how important it is to have somebody at home while you are fighting abroad.

It’s amazing what a man will think about when he is under stress…and under fire while away from his significant other; the arguments; the good times; the not so good times and the longing for that single person who makes you complete. I think the salient point in this poem is the second to last stanza…for in it one realizes that it is not about geographical proximity to the one you care about…but simply having the thought of that person in your “mind and in your heart” that will keep you close no matter how long or how far you are away from each other.

I hope you enjoy the piece and as always…thanks for reading!


With You in My Life

When you stand beside me
Surely I can see
This life is full of promise
So this…I do decree

That as the hour passes
Each and every day
My love for you grows stronger
In all I do and say

As daylight fades to darkness
And nighttime…fills the sky
I’ll honor you with courage
For in me...you can rely

Upon my love and gentle touch
To keep you close to me
My heart is placed within your hands
For all the world to see

That we are one together
And none…could take away
This love that we possess
For this…I’ll always pray

That God will keep you close
And love…will keep us strong
For in our mind…and our hearts
The life that we belong

No other can replace
Just what I found with you
Our life will always be
For this…we always knew

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