Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Note...for All

Good Morning...It is a great day here in DC…rain has stopped falling and I have much to do today.

I wanted to drop a note to all regarding the last couple of days and the postings that have appeared on this Blog. Please take note that these poems are from an upcoming book that I working with Mill City Press to have published. Many of these poems began as "thoughts" while overseas and provided me intellectual pursuits while the action continued around us.

In other instances, and based on my doctoral work, I watched and viewed the interaction of couples as part of ongoing coursework and wrote about those interactions as well as the trials and tribulations of marriage.

The crux of posting these poems in this venue was quite simply to share with those interested my writings over the my eldest son commented..."I never knew you wrote poetry"

Now...all that said...if what I have written strikes a chord or ushers the reader to another place in time...then as a budding author…I have done my duty!

I hope that you will view these poems as I have written and have intended; as purely literary works...and not as a microcosm or snapshot of my own life…unless otherwise noted.

Looking forward to receiving more feedback…and hopefully this clears up any misperceptions about these poems. As a friend last week commented..."Green Berets don't write poetry"...this is where he was wrong!



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