Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Rain.....

From 2002 and revised May 2010 in Washington DC...a Poem...titled "The Rain" from the upcoming Mill City Press Release by Brian Hayes

“Whoever said that sunshine brings happiness...has never danced in the rain”


It’s a rainy day in Virginia…the kind of day for reflection.

Late last evening I stumbled across some writings I had accumulated back in early 2002-2004…one piece of material stood out today above all others. As I looked at my notes I was able to see that several key events shaped the language and subsequently the poem that follows…but primarily it was a Clint Black song titled “Like the Rain” The song stirs many emotions when you listen to its words…and in my case…it left an indelible impression on what I was writing at the time.

It is my belief that many people would feel the same after listening to the song and reading the prose below…that when the rain falls it is always better to be with someone…then it is to be alone.

It is often said that life is a series of paradoxes…and one might say...so to is this poem.

As I travel throughout the area on a sunny day I get to see couples walking the streets and the trails…hand in hand without a care in the world...yet on a rainy day you don’t see that…you really don’t see much of anything…other then the rain…and therein lies the paradox…the need for companionship, compassion and empathy on a day when the light does not shine bright and the road ahead does not offer much of the aforementioned.

It is my hope that you will read this…and maybe…listen to the Clint Black song…and take not from it the paradox…but the need for a special someone.


The Rain

I always listen to the rain
For it brings me close to you
No matter time or place in life
My soul begins…anew

I listen as it falls
Upon the earth so bright
I wait to hear its calming sound
And fall asleep at night

In constant thought and waking dream
In love…for could it be
I hear the rain both day and night
And long for you with me

To hold and shelter as it drives
Across this place so dry
Our love is like the clouds above
Perched throughout the sky

We hold our lives together
Like the many drops of rain
And carry deep within our hearts
The love that shall remain

A constant thought of life as one
Forever…it shall be
I hear the rain upon us now
And this promise…I make to thee

For like the rains that soak the earth
I stand right by your side
To love, honor and cherish you
My life…I shall provide

Brian Hayes

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