Monday, May 3, 2010

Through the Glass

from January, 2010 in Washington DC...a poem...titled "Through the Glass" ... from the upcoming series of poems from Brian Hayes

Through the Glass

You walked in
And through the glass
A woman…
I did see

You smiled a smile
A thousand times
And your eyes…
Called out to me

You stood right by
Stared and watched
As time…
Began to play

And when I looked
Into those eyes
My thoughts…
And I did pray

To never loose
What we had
And capture
Till our end

All that life
Has given us
The time…
That we must spend

Held close
In love
And forever forward
From…this single day

And through that glass
I have found
For you…these words
I say

Keep me safe
An in your heart
And hold me...
Till my end

For in my life
And with your love
A vision
God…did send

Brian Hayes

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