Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ride the Wind...

It was a great riding day...right before the rain began! As many of you know I have been a motorcycle enthusiast for years. I have owned probably twenty motorcycles over the past 10-15 years…suffice to say I am fan.

My current ride was actually a stunt bike from Hollywood. It is ugly, loud and very much a Harley Fat Boy…I have never ridden another bike as powerful or as inviting as this ride and my intention was never to be without this steed by my side.

In discussions with a friend a couple of days ago it became apparent that I will have to quit riding at some point in the near future based on my physical condition. The new medication that I take lowers my blood pressure and blackouts are a common occurrence until the body adjusts. I will miss many things in this life as you know but the solace that comes from riding has been therapeutic over the years…and I will miss it greatly.

I penned “Ride the Wind” today…the piece captures what I consider to be the essence of why I and others ride…simply stated…its escapism…at least if only for the duration of the ride.

It is often said that the only other people who really know what a motorcyclist feels when they come riding down the road are not people at all…it is the dog…yes the dog…with his head hanging out of the window while the car barrels down the highway at 70 miles per hour…I think they are right!

I hope you enjoy this piece…and for those of you that ride…ride on!


Ride the Wind…

When time and place
Take their toll
I climb on my bike
For that is the goal

I travel so close
And I ride…so far
I’ll ride in the sun
Then follow the star

That sets the course
On the highway I ride
With the wind in my hair
Memories by my side

As I quickly take off
And look to the rear
I accelerate past
Everything that I fear

I match the wind
Both in time and pace
With my bike I am one
As I quicken the chase

The ride it must soon
Come to and end
For my life has been lived
Like the road that does bend

With the wind in my hair
I remember the ride
The thrill of the speed
And the tears…I do hide

My bike…it now sits
For a chance…one time more
For the wind calls out
Like never before

When the light shines not
And the days…they are done
I will think of this ride
And the sights…and the fun

That I had on my bike
With the wind in my face
As I start to drift off
In time…and in space

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