Friday, May 21, 2010

Look Into My Eyes

From May 2010 in Washington DC...a Poem...titled "Look Into My Eyes" from the upcoming Mill City Press Release by Brian Hayes

Look into my eyes
And you will surely see
The kind of love needed
From the man I am to be

I’ve thought long and hard
Of this time we’ve been apart
Without you in my life
I am…a broken heart

The time I spend alone
Without you close to me
My life taken apart
In constant misery

With each passing hour
Our troubles start to weigh
Times of darkness and of peril
I don’t know what to say

No matter what my fate
I’ll forever love you true
Life has taught me a lesson
And I will see it through

I love you with my heart
My mind body and soul
But to be apart from you
Has begun to take its toll

I can’t help but imagine
The life that could have been
I look at your picture
And I cry from deep within

The man I am today
Is not the one you knew
He died late one night
At a time you couldn’t view

You can see it in my eyes
And feel it in my heart
To be away from you
Simply tears my world apart

I wish that you could see
That I’ll love you till my end
I’ll walk the earth alone
Till death I do ascend

The love of my life has left
As I now prepare to die
My love she never knew
Unless she looked into my eyes

Brian Hayes

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