Tuesday, May 11, 2010

When Darkness Falls...

From 2007 and modified May 2010 in Washington DC...a Poem...titled "When Darkness Falls" ... from the upcoming book of poetry by Brian Hayes

When Darkness Falls

When darkness falls upon my night
And heaven shines so true
I think about the one I loved
And the things…I thought we’d do

We’d sail the oceans everyday
And hold each other tight
To make the trip so wonderful
Into…the morning light

We’d climb the hills so tall and true
Your hand in mine I’d be
To look into your eyes so clear
And in my mind…I’d see

A walk…across the beach
A couple…hand in hand
Lives held together in deep embrace
Their feet…warmed by the sand

And when the darkness falls
Upon this glorious night
I’d lift my head toward the heavens
And see the stars…so bright

Lest…I never will forget
Your love…so pure and true
It’s taken me to many places
But this…you always knew

Forever in your debt
Until my time…you shall see
I need to keep your voice so close
And feel you…next to me

My eyes…they grow tired
And my life…drifts far away
But forever…within your heart
Is where…I’ll always stay

Brian Hayes

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