Friday, October 21, 2011

Twenty years ago today...and I remember

20 years ago today…I remember the hour; and the minute...the location and the moment you came into the world! You were a breath of fresh air for all of us…and every day since then has been the same. I remember the Boy Scouts; the hockey games; towing you behind the car in snow storms at Ft. Bragg; thinking about you learning to drive at 9 years of age! I remember when you broke your elbow playing roller hockey; riding the 4 wheeler; your first day on skis; your second day on a snowboard; the times with Renegade and Ranger; the loss of Rusty; Sherman and Liz…and a host of other animals like Luther! I remember that day you became an Eagle Scout…and completed that part of life’s journey...and then like now...thinking how very proud of you…for being you.
I remember when you would fall asleep in my lap; and hold my hand at the mall…I remember your first goal on the ice; our undefeated season…and your first lacrosse game. I remember watching you with animals and remarking how proud I was at your compassion in how you handled them…and the maturity you showed in meeting new people as you moved through your teen years. I remember the travels; the people whose life you touched…and how they touched yours...the day you became a brother...and a mentor... 
I remember so much about the past 20 years my son…and all of it has made me proud. Twenty years is a long time but you have so much more to do…and so much more to give to this world…to make change and contribute where others will not...enjoy this day…and all that it brings you…for you are my son….and I am nothing less than a very proud father.
Thank you Jake…for these past twenty years...I am and will always be grateful...

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