Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Eighteen Years Ago Today...and I Remember!

I remember so much about the last 18 years my son...the day you were born and how were watching the Indy 500 "waiting" on you! I remember the snow storms where you came out in shorts and told me "I have shoes on Dad" even though they were only slippers!

I think about how smart you were in hiding baby bottles as Mom tried to take them away from you...and how I would sneak into your room...and you would wake from a nap or a deep sleep and place your arms around me and I would "lift you" to freeedom! I remember when you began skiing and took off down the mountain without care or regard...and I had to chase you only to be admonished by the ski patrol...and I rember the cat licking the cheese at the B&B and you laughing...right after I ate it!

I remember your first goal in hockey Ian Hayes...and how you were part of our championship team...how you skated so strong and always wanted to play on your brother's team...even though they were 3 years older than you. I remember your first day with braces...and the day you called me and said..."they are finally off!"

I remember how proud I was when you told me you completed your Eagle Project knowing how much effort you put into it...and I remember your hand...holding mine...when Nana passed away and how you comforted me when she left us.

Then there were the comments when I came back from Iraq...like "we don't go to a barber Dad...we go to a stylist" and so many more! I remember holding your hand at the mall; the first time you drove a stick shift and the many times we would ski together!

I look back today...and I remember it all Ian Patrick Hayes...all of it! Eighteen years is a long time and you still have so much to do and so many things to accomplish. Where others will not...I know you will!

You have made me proud over these past 18 years...enjoy this day and all that it brings you for you are my son...and I thank God everyday for that!


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