Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On Point....Running and Driving in Northern Virginina

For some very interesting reason it would appear that once the white stuff starts hitting the ground people just seem to loose it; all sense of civility and even more importantly a sense of what to do.

I began my day today just like any other ...with PT regimen commencing at roughly 530AM. Nobody on the road, a light snow falling and I am wearing...shorts! I do not go for all that frilly running gear they sell at the high end running boutiques. I spend the money on shoes and not on outer garments. That said when the first vehicle approached me with its high-beams and came within a shoe length of plowing into me I could easily make out the driver glancing at her (not a him this time...a her) Blackberry or other like device.

As I recovered from jumping into the grass and ensuring I had everything still attached I continued on my way. I have a route that snakes through neighborhoods which are easier to navigate and keep me away from the traffic yet I still had a quarter of a mile to go till I reached the turn-off and hit Nirvana...the place where my music and breathing become one...but alas another driver had plans for me!

You see I run on the Old Mount Vernon Highway outside of Ft Belvoir. It's a great course but the road itself lends runners to running against the traffic. Its amazing what you can "see" when cars are hurling towards you! I have almost been hit by a young couple sharing a bowl of cereal; a drunk driver who cursed at me violently and several other speeders who always seem to float to the right as they chat on the phone.

I bring up the aforementioned cases only as I make the turn and am immediately confronted with (another) a man on a cell phone who plows through the intersection only to quickly correct his deviation while I (again) dive for the trees.

So I guess the point of this fine rambling is that it has nothing to do with the weather; people just don't care about the act of driving. We have become a society that multi-tasks to the detriment of everything else we do; whether that be driving, texting, eating or chatting or in my case running! SO now add to my daily routine "dodging oncoming multi-taskers who just don't care."

That is Life On Point view...rain, shine or in the case of getting to DC today....snow!

Brian Hayes

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