Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Tip of the Spear

I recently read and interesting piece in the American Thinker - the article dealt with the recent developments in the Middle East and specifically the fight in Gaza. One quote from the piece resonates with me the most:

"Whether we could or we couldn't or we did or we didn't doesn't matter. They believe we have the capability."

In defeating terrorism a Nation has a right to use whatever means it has at its disposal - what Israel did (besides administering a blistering ground/air campaign) was to initiate an informational campaign based on its its enemies perception of "what Israel could do technologically." Israel knew this and played it out in the prosecution of the campaign and then sat back (euphemistically) and watched the enemy react.

When historians look back at the actions executed by Israel no doubt they will concentrate heavily on the Hamas/Iranian connection. Too much has been captured (and destroyed) by Israel not to fully implicate the Iranians in sponsorship. Only time will tell.

This was a great piece by Mr Joel Sparyregen and well worth the read. Whether you agree or disagree with the issues surrounding the circumstances you at least need a clear and accurate picture. After talking to contacts in the area and bouncing information back and forth this is as balanced a piece as you will find. Too bad it is only the first in many in an ongoing struggle with no end in sight.

Brian Hayes

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