Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Back in the Saddle…Again

Hello and Good Afternoon! I wanted to touch base and keep everyone updated on what is going on. In a previous posting I stated I was taking a week off to concentrate on health and personal matters…that turned into 21 total days. Suffice to say I needed the break for many reasons but as the title states I am back to writing. The update:

The Book: As stated in previous postings the book is 100% done! The publisher is working out the distribution and advertising methodology through Amazon and other venues. The total project was roughly 65-70 pages (soft cover vs. hardcover) but well worth it. As an aside I have already begun work on the second manuscript and will share some of those works with you shortly.

It was very satisfying to have a Library of Congress number assigned for the book…it is at that point that you know you have finished…if you are reading this watch your mailbox for your copy of “A Soldier’s Story…Through the Eyes of Poetry”

The Dissertation: 427 pages later my doctoral dissertation has been submitted for review and defense. For those unfamiliar with the process I will now sit before a panel in Washington DC (scheduled for 18 August) and try to argue my point that families as well as service members will also need to be treated for the effects of post traumatic stress disorder…or PTSD…in order to make the family whole again. A recent posting and report on PTSD, active duty and soldier suicides of which I participated in as part of my on-going research can be found at the following link: http://www.wral.com/news/local/story/8008068/

My Health: Well the ACE Inhibitor that I have been using is making me feel…remarkable. The downside is that I am suffering some kidney issues that will require additional treatment. Suffice to say I don’t want to illuminate the situation within this venue but I am taking the necessary steps needed to try and make my left kidney well. I was commenting earlier today that the VA doctor who is treating me made a very interesting statement; when I told him that the anti-biotic combined with heart medication was making me sick to my stomach he commented…”well at least its not killing you!” Youhave to love military medicine!

Life On Point Consultants (LOPC): The company I founded in 2007 has seen a “re-birth” if you will in regards to ongoing support to the US Government. Currently I have received three requests for proposals for quantitative work across the globe for LOPC. In addition I have aligned closely with a Not-for-Profit organization in California and in conjunction with my partner will be lending support to operations in Central Asia and the Near East.

So there you have it…you are up to speed and I will begin writing daily again as of 28 July 2010. As an aside I am sure that many of you have been following the leaked papers on Wiki-Leaks regarding Afghanistan…suffice to say that General McChrystal got out just in time…a news article today almost made it sound like General Patreaus has already lost the battle…he has not but as previously detailed…McChrystal is a very smart man...looks like he may have left at the right time...no matter how well we are doing at the tactical level...folks in DC are determined to loose this war!



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