Monday, July 5, 2010

Taking a Quick Break...

Hello - its been an interesting and hectic few say the least. I am taking the week off from "Bloging" so I can focus on some medical issues as well as clearing my mind and making sure my dissertation is completed prior to the "defense board" in August...add to it the re-write for the book (it is done...just finish work) and the publisher screaming for the final pictures and all of a sudden I realized...I am running out of time...but one last piece for this week for all to ponder

Many have asked what I thought about the General McChrystal fiasco...I sat with a former team-mate earlier today and we discussed how such a poised and educated officer could have run afoul of the Administration...and my comments previously about the General "always having a plan" resonated with my buddy as well. He, like me, is waiting on the tell all book of the failure of the United States in succeeding in the "long war"

Take a look at the article in the of the few British news outlets not prone to lies and deceit. This piece talks about one of the finest British Officers who was on General McChrystal's staff - Graeme Lamb...a former SAS Officer (think British version of DELTA Force) - his comment about the General is spot on...and that is what the Administration is afraid of regarding long it will take to succeed ... "It is not about winning and losing, it is about setting the conditions for progress and change"

And that is the problem...the term progress...progress can not be projected in a timeline to meet the Administration's "promise" to the American people that we would be out of Afghanistan in 2011. In the United States that is a great thing to "want" but the reality on the ground is that timeline will not be met...and that was the General's problem...argue with an Administration that wont get it or wait for a year and let them hang the failure around his neck...he is not that kind of soldier!

This is the link and its a very short read...but Graeme Lamb is a fantastic officer and somebody that we as conscious American's will hear from in the future.

Well...fear not...I will be back on Blog NLT 12 July...but given everything going on in the world...probably sooner!



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